Interior redesign

We specialize in Redesign Staging.  This is Interior Redesign specific to the marketing of the home for sale.We eliminate clutter and de-personalize the home. By editing the furniture and accessories, the room will appear cleaner and more spacious.  Depending on the project,  this can involve a half day or several days.  The goal of redesign staging is design for the buyer rather than the homeowner.
$ 100.00 per hour ( Average room is 1-2 hours )


We begin the Redesign process by meeting with you in your home and discussing how your room is used and the look you wish to achieve.   We will "shop your home" for the hidden treasures that can be incorporated into the new look.  We then arrange the room to complement the architectural features and the focal point keeping in mind your desires and lifestyle.  The results will include your artwork, accessories and found treasures, in a beautiful updated new room that you will love.
$ 100.00 per hour  (Average room is 2-3 hours) 

Empty Home Staging involves the essentials of Redesign Staging supplemented with furniture, wall art and accessories. Our goal is to eliminate the big empty box look and to provide a complete visualization for the potential home buyer. Sometimes this can be achieved with just a few items which focus on the central living areas. Other times the entire house is furnished.  Prices vary depending on the project, and items for staging are rented on a monthly basis.
$ 100.00 per hour + accessories